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With debut album ‘Nothing Happens’ behind them, Braeden, Cole and Dylan haven’t be sitting about twiddling their thumbs…

“420? FOUR-TWENTY!?” Safe to say that Wallows approve of where they sit in Spotify’s ‘Most Listened To’ placings. “I hope we never move up at this point. Or down. I just wanna stay right here,” grins Dylan Minnette, frontman of one of the most exciting bands on the whole goddamn planet right now. Out of the smoke from the apocalyptic car-crash that is 2020, we are seeing a whole new cast of heroes emerge. Amongst them, the Los Angeles trio who have already shaken our world once with their fizzy-pop-shaken-to-perfection debut and look to be ones to rock it further in 2021 and beyond. Ridiculously excited about a new band, us? You know it.

Having managed the neat trick of seeming to burst out of nowhere while still feeling like you’d known them for ages (helped in part initially, let’s be honest, by Dylan’s ubiquity as the star of 13 Reasons Why, one of Netflix’ biggies), Wallows only started releasing music in 2017. With the arrival of ‘Nothing Happens’ last year, and the uber-banging, Clairo-featuring, keep-it-on-your-playlist-forever-ing ‘Are You Bored Yet?’, the doors to our hearts were well and truly kicked in. Nothing happens? Far from it. That first record has it all happening. Songs to dance to, check. Moments to chuck an over-priced tin of Red Stripe high into the air and bounce off your mates in the pit, definitely check. Moments of real emotion and vulnerability rubbing shoulders with anthems about turning the page from teenage life into all of the excitement and nervousness that follows, it’s all here and delivered with a classic 2020 magpie approach. Every element of modern pop music poured into one delicious pot, it was all set for Wallows. Bring on the festivals, the big stages, the global realisation of what a few of us had already noticed. And then everything stopped with a big fat COVID-19-sized full stop.

Chatting to the band via phone, it’s glamour personified. For them anyway, the band dialling in from a presumably air-conditioned LA setting. Not for Dork’s intrepid writer, sitting as he is in a decidedly un-air-conditioned van in an Esso garage forecourt amongst the boy racers and rabid post-lockdown McDonald’s devourers. Fear not, we soon bring the band down to our level though.

“What did I do during lockdown? I shredded through Animal Crossing,” admits drummer Cole Preston. “Like there was no tomorrow. I mean, I played it for a month non-stop. So there are definitely cockroaches in my real house at this point, but I have a five-star island and all the best villagers. I was going on all-night forums and chatting to strangers, making trades.”

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Official music video for Wallows’ new single ‘Nobody Gets Me (Like You)’, which is the first single off of the forthcoming EP, ‘Remote’, due October 23rd.

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Even though The Westcott Theater is only about a mile away from Syracuse University’s campus, it’s not always the first thing that comes to the minds of SU students when they are making evening plans. But next week, the venue will be packed with college students, eagerly waiting to see the band Wallows and hear its indie, alternative rock music.

Wallows will perform at The Westcott Theater on Thursday, Feb. 27, with opening act Penelope Isles. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the concert begins at 8 p.m.

The performance is part of Wallows’ Nothing Happens tour. The band’s first studio album of the same name was released in 2019 and amassed 5.3 million streams in the U.S. during its first week of release, according to a press release.

The band is composed of three members who are all childhood friends: Braeden Lemasters on guitar, Cole Preston on drums and Dylan Minnette on guitar and keyboards. Minnette also plays the role of Clay Jensen on the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why.”

Wallows has performed on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” The group has even opened for Vampire Weekend on multiple occasions, the release said. It kicked off the second leg of its tour on Feb. 13.

When marketing most of its shows, The Westcott does a combination of digital and print advertising, posting on its social media and also handing out flyers and posters. But with Wallows, the “show sold out so quick, that by the time our posters were ready, the show was already halfway sold out,” said Wesley Johnson, director of marketing and box office manager of Creative Concerts. The show sold out in less than two weeks.

For shows with a band as big as Wallows, The Westcott also relies on the band to reach out to its fans through its own platforms, Johnson added. That’s how SU senior Madison Snyder found out about the concert.

“I follow their Instagram, so I probably saw one of their posts that has all their tour dates up,” Snyder said. “I didn’t think anything of it, but when I saw they were coming to Syracuse, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I have to go.’ I didn’t even know anyone who was going, but I had to go.”

The first single off the Nothing Happens album, “Are You Bored Yet?” features Clairo, a former SU student, who also recently performed at The Westcott. The Wallows concert was booked right before Clairo played at the venue on Nov. 8, Johnson said.

“A lot of the people that also went to the Clairo show mentioned they were going to the Wallows show,” he added, and expects most of the crowd to be made up of college students.


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Since 2017, the Los Angeles-based band Wallows has won over many a teenaged fan with its brand of surf rock–inspired tunes. Although it took three years, the group is finally making its South Florida debut with a gig at Fort Lauderdale’s Revolution Live Tuesday, February 18.

Anticipation is running high among Wallows’ fans and the members of the indie-rock trio.

“People got very mad at us for not coming to Florida, and rightfully so,” says guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist Dylan Minnette, adding the group has wanted to make it to the Sunshine State for some time. “But Florida is so deep down there that if you’re going to hit anywhere in Florida on tour, you have to stop at multiple places to make it worth it. It’s just the money; there’s so much budget-wise that goes into touring. Now that we have enough funding, we can make it down here.”

Source: Miam New Times

February 11, 2020        Posted by Ann        0 Comments        News , Wallows

Calling all Dylan Minnette fans

Can’t get enough of Dylan Minnette? Luckily for those who have finished 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, you don’t have to say goodbye to him yet. Turns out that the 20-year-old actor is a singer and guitarist in a band called Wallows, and their debut single is a real pleaser. (Is it a happy coincidence that it dropped on the 13th of this month?)

For real though, the Stefan Mac-produced track is titled “Pleaser,” and it’s an upbeat, lo-fi indie rock anthem that will have you head-banging into the weekend. The song radiates some major summertime vibes, and we can practically feel the sun beaming down on us as they shout in the chorus.

Cole Preston (drums, guitar), Braeden Lemasters (guitar, vocals), and Zack Mendenhall (bass) complete the Los-Angeles-based quartet. (Apparently, all of them are former members of The Narwhals and The Feaver, if those names ring a bell. ) Hopefully, there’s more music on the way from these guys—we are definitely keeping our ears open.

Listen the song Wallows – “Pleaser” here.

Source: Nylon

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